What is DOSHIBA?

DOSHIBA ($DSB) is a decentralized, community-driven cryptocurrency created in May 2021 by an anonymous group of six. The token was named after Dogecoin ($DOGE) and Shiba Inu ($SHIB), both of which have a market capitalization of over USD 6 billion as of today.

DOSHIBA, with the catch phrase that goes “Who’s the real daddy”, aims to create a secure and stable peer-to-peer, open-source environment with generating many laughs.

DOSHIBA comes with many special features. First, with the 5% distributed among every token holders for all transactions, we ensure a fair and complete distribution where our developers don’t own tokens they can dump on the community. We initially locked 60% of the total supply for Dogecoins and Shiba Inu developers to be distributed upon their official request. We decided, however, to burn them instead on behalf of requests and concerns expressed by some of our community members. Furthermore, the fact that we have renounced our ownership reflects our continuous efforts to keep the project transparent and community-driven.

The roadmap entitled ‘Childcare Plan’ has three parts, each with separate steps to support growth. The first phase, with 2000 target holders and 1000 telegram target members, comes with the launch of DOSHIBA token ($DSB) and the official website, as well as listing on cryptocurrency ranking websites like CoinGecko and CMC, and promotional events via Airdrop, YouTube etc. The second phase, with 10000 target holders and 5000 telegram target members, will focus on further growing our community through improving our website and third-party audit, as well as applying for Delta and Blockfolio apps. We also plan to create new NFT products in align with the current popular trend in the industry. Finally, the third phase, with 50000 target holders and 25000 telegram target members, is designed to expand our presence in the cryptocurrency market by applying for bigger exchange listings and expanding marketing team. We will also officially launch NFT marketplace for DOSHIBA, transitioning to a cryptocurrency with items that you can buy and sell.

Experience the next generation of cryptocurrency with us!


baby DOSHIBA who doensn't know his dad yet

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